Seahawks at Falcons

The key to tomorrow’s game is good pass protection. Lately the Hawks have struggled mightily in the realm of pass blocking, and it has shown in their slight victories over bad football teams. This Sunday the Hawks will attempt to beat the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. The last time the Hawks faced Atlanta at the dome, the game ended in an unfortunate but close divisional playoff loss. This time around the Hawks are equipped to beat a much less dominant Falcons team.

The Falcons are currently 2-6 and haven’t shown any signs of a possible season turnaround. Despite their terrible record, hawks fans should not underestimate the Falcons, the Hawks have had significant trouble beating weaker teams in recent weeks. Much of their struggle can be attributed to the poor play of the offensive line. Russell Wilson is the most pressured quarter back in the league, he has been under pressure on 40% of his pass attempts. If the Hawks are to squeak by another weak opponent, they have to find a way to give Wilson more time.

Even though the Hawks have had trouble stopping the run, averaging 202.2 rushing yards allowed in the last two games, expect Richard Sherman and the legion of Boom to flourish against a struggling Falcon’s pass attack. Falcon’s quarter back Matt Ryan has thrown seven interceptions in his last two games, and his interception total will likely increase on Sunday as he faces a tough Seahawks secondary.

The Hawks secondary will remain consistent as their offense attempts to get on track. As long as the O-line can keep Wilson up right, the Hawks should move to 9-1 on the year.


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