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Former LOB member Brandon Browner sparks controversy

Former “Legion of Boom” member and current Patriots’ cornerback Brandon Browner made headlines Monday upon the release of an interview in which he generated controversial comments regarding his injured ex-teammates; Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas.

In an interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Browner was asked about the toughness of his former teammates. In answering the question Browner acknowledged the impact of their physical toughness and further said, “At the end of the day, this is about the Super Bowl. I’m gonna tell my teammates ‘go hit that elbow, go hit that shoulder.” He would go on to say, “Try to break it if you can. You can be my best friend after the game but, at the end of the day, I know you want the Super Bowl just as bad as I do.”

Taking issue with the aggressive nature of Browner’s statements, Seahawks’ linebacker KJ Wright responded by saying, “We don’t play like that, we don’t go out there and try to hurt guys.”

Seahawks’ wide receiver Doug Baldwin empathized with Browner saying, “I’d expect nothing less.” Baldwin would go on to recognize the harshness of what Browner said but also remarked about the raw competitive nature of the Super Bowl and its players, “I understand the fans want it to be classy and everyone to be politically correct, but that’s the truth of the matter…We want this game just as much as they do, and they want this game as much as us.” Providing a similar but less serious reply, Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner smiled before attributing Browner’s words to the same competitive nature that Baldwin made mention of.

While there remains disagreement about the justification of Browner’s statements amongst the Seahawks players, there is a collective disdain from fans as they respond over social media to express their displeasure.

Browner wasn’t available for comment on Monday.



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Seahawks at Falcons

The key to tomorrow’s game is good pass protection. Lately the Hawks have struggled mightily in the realm of pass blocking, and it has shown in their slight victories over bad football teams. This Sunday the Hawks will attempt to beat the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome. The last time the Hawks faced Atlanta at the dome, the game ended in an unfortunate but close divisional playoff loss. This time around the Hawks are equipped to beat a much less dominant Falcons team.

The Falcons are currently 2-6 and haven’t shown any signs of a possible season turnaround. Despite their terrible record, hawks fans should not underestimate the Falcons, the Hawks have had significant trouble beating weaker teams in recent weeks. Much of their struggle can be attributed to the poor play of the offensive line. Russell Wilson is the most pressured quarter back in the league, he has been under pressure on 40% of his pass attempts. If the Hawks are to squeak by another weak opponent, they have to find a way to give Wilson more time.

Even though the Hawks have had trouble stopping the run, averaging 202.2 rushing yards allowed in the last two games, expect Richard Sherman and the legion of Boom to flourish against a struggling Falcon’s pass attack. Falcon’s quarter back Matt Ryan has thrown seven interceptions in his last two games, and his interception total will likely increase on Sunday as he faces a tough Seahawks secondary.

The Hawks secondary will remain consistent as their offense attempts to get on track. As long as the O-line can keep Wilson up right, the Hawks should move to 9-1 on the year.

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Week 7: Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals

Following their less than perfect performance last Sunday, the Hawks look to defeat the Cardinals this Thursday in Arizona. With a record of 3-3, the Arizona Cardinals currently reside at the bottom of the NFC West tied with the St. Louis Rams. This week’s division rival matchup should still be a good game despite the fact that Arizona is in last place.

Even with the emergence of young secondary stars CB Patrick Peterson and CB Tyrann Mathieu, the Cards rank 19th in passing yards allowed. Surprisingly their defense ranks 5th in rushing yards allowed. Despite the Cardinals defensive strengths, the Seahawks are likely to find a way to run the football. Starting DE Calais Campbell is out for this week’s game against the Hawks, and LB Karlos Dansby is questionable. The Cards’ key injuries are going to have an impact on how efficient the Hawks are in running their offense. Thankfully, the return of recently injured TE Zach Miller will give additional help to the passing game.

Unfortunately, Hawks’ MLB Bobby Wagner will be out for the second straight week with an ankle injury. The loss of Wagner, accompanied with the probable loss of DE Chris Clemons, could have an effect on how successful the Hawks are on Defense. On the ground the Cards aren’t much of a threat, but if WR Larry Fitzgerald is healthy enough to play Sunday, it could make for an exciting matchup between him and Sherman. The Seahawks are always more than capable of playing good defense, they just need to prove their offensive strength in this week’s game.

The showdown in the desert should turn out to be a good one regardless of injury. The Hawks have the defensive strength to defeat the Cards but they still have yet to prove they can have success pass blocking for QB Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson and the Hawks will likely pull out another victory but they will face a significant challenge in beating both the Cards and Rams in consecutive weeks on the road.

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Week 6: Seahawks vs. Titans Recap

Regardless of their sloppy performance, the Hawks managed to defeat the Titans by a score of 20-13 last Sunday at home. The Hawks passing defense looked weak in the Titans second offensive drive, but then they managed to lock down on the Titans’ passing game. Throughout the course of the entire game, the Hawks managed to allow only 157 passing yards. They had significant success stopping the run and running the football, as they allowed only 66 total rushing yards, and rushed for 151 yards. RB Marshawn Lynch and CB Richard Sherman were the standout performers in last week’s game, Lynch had both of the teams TD’s and Sherman had a key interception that helped the Hawks seal their fate.

Although they were able to continue their offensive success that they had in previous weeks, they also continued to have botched plays and third down conversion failures despite winning the game. The Hawks have struggled and still struggle to convert on third down, only converting on 5 of their 13 attempts. The Hawks also had problems place holding following the injury to Seahawks K Steven Hauschka. Punter and back up place kicker Jon Ryan normally holds for Hauschka, but with Hauscka’s injury, Ryan was forced to attempt a field goal late in the second quarter. With Ryan kicking the field goal, Chris Maragos came in to hold. Not used to place holding, Maragos fumbled with the football and attempted to pass it. The field goal block team smothered him and caused him to fumble, they then returned the ball for a TD right before the first half ended.

Despite their unfortunate fumbled field goal, the Seahawks pulled out another victory and move to 5-1 on the year. Russell Wilson remains undefeated at home and the Hawks continue their 11 game home win streak. The Hawks have a short week as they travel to the desert to face the Cards on Thursday Night.

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Week 2: Seahawks vs 49ers Post-game Recap

Russell Wilson awoke Monday morning with both eyebrows in tact. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.


Although Kaepernick didn’t actually shave off one of his eyebrows, he did lose to the Seattle Seahawks. The Niners endured a beating from the Hawks, losing 29-3.  The Hawks’ large margin of victory, on a national stage, astounded the football world. Finally, the Seattle Seahawks are receiving credit, where credit is due. Doubted and critiqued, the Hawks have proven they don’t deserve doubt or criticism. Calling out the cynics was Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. Sherman remarked in his post game interview, “There are a lot of pundits and ignorant idiots who thought, ‘Oh, the Seahawks are gonna lose this game.’ Well, please, please don’t doubt us again. Every time you doubt us, you look stupid.” Even Skip Bayless, Sherman’s biggest skeptic, said (in a positive context), “Richard Sherman had a hellacious game” and went on to apologize for ever doubting the Seahawks.

In their last two matchups, the Seattle Seahawks have outscored the San Francisco 49ers 71-16. Both meetings ended in a Seahawks victory, but last Sunday’s win proved to the nation that the Seattle Seahawks are the best team in the NFL. The Hawks had a remarkable game, allowing only 3 points, and causing 5 turnovers, and a safety on defense. Offensively, RB Marshawn Lynch and the Hawks ripped apart the 49ers defense, rushing for 172 yards.  The end result, was a terrific game for the Hawks on both sides of the ball.

With their defense keeping them in the game, after a terrible, yet unfortunate start (resulting in a blocked punt, and an interception), Russell Wilson and the Hawks proved their resiliency. Having still not yet completed a pass on their first three offensive drives, Wilson was hoping to ignite a dormant passing attack. Following his first completion in their fourth offensive drive, Wilson completed 8 out of 12 of his passes, and threw for 142 yards and a TD. His turnaround performance led the Seahawks to a 5-0 lead at halftime.  After haltime, the Hawks were at a torrid pace, collecting a fumble, forcing 2 interception’s, kicking a field goal, and scoring 3 TDs. Marshawn Lynch accounted for all three of those TDs, catching a pass from Wilson and running the ball in twice. Lynch also racked up 98 yards on the ground on 28 carries.

The Hawks defense held 49ers RB Frank Gore to a mere 16 yards rushing last sunday, while forcing Kaepernick to throw three interceptions and have the worst game of his young career, posting a 14.0 total QBR. They were so spectacular in stopping the Niners through the air, that they didn’t even allow a pass play over 12 yards the entire game, and they held star WR Anquan Boldin, to one  7 yard reception. Their outstanding defensive play can be attributed to their lack of weaknesses. They are so balanced, it’s hard for the opposing team to distinguish a point of attack. Sunday night, it showed, as the well-rounded, and balanced play of the Seahawks, stunned the 49ers. The defensive line flourished with the new addition of DE Cliff Avril, his presence was a huge difference maker. MLB Bobby Wagner also had a solid performance. Wagner led the team in tackles with 7, and controlled Gore from start to finish. Not giving an inch of space to the 49ers recievers, the secondary was as reliable as always.

Hopefully, their statement win against the 49ers will convert the doubters into believers, but for those that dare doubt the Hawks again, Richard Sherman warned you. Their offensive line manhandled one of the best defenses in the league, and their own defense held one of the most prolific offenses (besides their own) to a field goal. With their overall skill and Sherman’s mouth, they can no longer be ignored.  No longer located in South Alaska, the Seattle Seahawks are finally getting the attention they deserve.

This Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars are coming to play at Clink against the Hawks. Stay tuned for my week 3 forecast!

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