Seahawks vs. Buccaneers Recap

Despite their disgraceful performance last Sunday against the Bucs, the Hawks pulled out the win. The sloppy victory has caused much concern, and I myself among many, am very worried by the two straight weeks of non-existent rushing defense and offensive line blocking. I place full blame for the 21-0 hole on the Seahawks, even though a terrible call against S Earl Thomas caused a momentum swing that favored the Buccaneers.

The Hawks poor performance ultimately boiled down to terrible play from the offensive line. Although they didn’t give up a single sack, the hawks O-line struggled significantly, and their struggles resulted in a battered and bruised QB. Russell Wilson was on the ground after almost every other play and the effects could be seen in his play. For the first time, I saw a Russell Wilson that was not calm and collected in the pocket, he was frantic and hurried. As a result of this, Russell made two unusually bad throws near the end zone that resulted in interceptions. Fortunately, the run game was on track as usual and Lynch ran for 125 yards.

Accompanied by the bad pass blocking, the Hawks had tremendous trouble stopping the run. The buccaneers ran for 205 yards against the Hawks. Lately the Hawks have been uncharacteristically terrible at run defense. It’s a mystery as to where the problem lies in stopping the run but if the Hawks are to contend for a super bowl, they must fix their championship caliber defense.

It’s reassuring that the Hawks can come back from 21 point deficits, but in the future they can’t dig themselves into holes this deep, because they may not always be able to climb out of them. Fortunately, even when he’s under distress Russell Wilson can lift the Hawks to victory.


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  1. Chad

    Great commentary sportymorty! Excellent insight into what’s needs to improve with the Hawks! I will definitely continue reading this blog

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