MNF Recap: Seahawks at Redskins

After Wilson started the game by rushing for 45 yards on a touchdown drive that lasted only 2 min. and 16 sec. it looked as if the Hawks were going to win with ease. Unfortunately that was not the case, and although John Ryan is a fantastic punter you never want to see him punt the ball 6 times in a game and you never want to see 13 penalties for a total of 90 yards. Although those lackluster traditions (punting and penalties) were common in the dark ages (post-Holmgren/pre-Carroll era), they are something I don’t want the eyes of bandwagon-ers to see, because witnessing those traditions will make them feel like they’ve been fans for more than a minute. Despite witnessing the tragedy of three Percy Harvin touchdowns negated by penalties, they will never be able to sympathize with the horror of having your leading rusher of 2009 score only two touchdowns in a season.

Speaking of horrifying rushing performances, the ‘Skins RB Alfred Morris was held to 29 yards rushing and no touchdowns on Monday night, a stark contrast from Wilson’s 122 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Russell’s rushing performance was complimented with 201 yards and two touchdowns passing. B Wags had equally impressive statistics on defense recording 8 tackles, 3 for a loss, one for a sack, and two pass deflections. But despite Wagner’s performance, there remain some key concerns on defense, specifically how well the secondary manages and contains speedy receivers like DeSean Jackson. DeSean had 157 yards receiving including a 60 yard touchdown in which the Hawks zone coverage failed. The Hawks now rank 22nd in passing yards allowed which is an unacceptable statistic if they’re to maintain their status as best defense in the league. Right now, solidifying the secondary is completely dependent upon Jeremy Lane’s recovery time.

Let’s hope the Seahawks clean up their act, otherwise they just might want to trade for Pierre Garcon. Garcon’s dirty antics weren’t enough to pull a dread from Sherman’s head, but hopefully his actions were enough to light Sherman’s fire. Sherman is long overdue and picking off Romo isn’t hard to do so let’s hope the ball finds its way into Richard’s hands on Sunday as the Hawks face Jerry Jones’ Cowboys at Century Link.


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