Super Bowl XLVIII Rematch: Broncos vs. Seahawks

Sitting atop ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings the Denver Broncos come to Century Link field with hopes that the nightmares resulting from their 43-8 super bowl loss will discontinue with a victory. Equipped with the second to worst passing defense in the league (statistically) the broncos will have no answer for Hawks wide receivers Percy Harvin, Jermaine Kearse, and Doug Baldwin. And if evidence from the past provides any sign of the future, RB Marshawn Lynch shouldn’t have any complications either.

With the strong belief that the offense will dominate, the only concern lies within the Seahawks passing defense. Last weekend’s match up against the Chargers was a humbling experience for the hawks as opposing TE Antonio Gates caught seven passes for 96 yards and three touchdowns. Opposing tight end success last week causes much reason for concern this week as the Hawks face one of the best pass catching tight ends in the league. Having already caught 11 passes for 143 yards and four touchdowns in only two games, Broncos tight end Julius Thomas is the most explosive tight end of the 2014 season so far. The key to the Hawks success lies within the Seahawks ability to cover J. Thomas.

Opposite from the Hawks, the Broncos offense relies on their passing game to create a running game. If the Hawks can stop Peyton Manning’s passing attack they should be able to stop Montee Ball and the other Broncos running backs. Whatever the result, the game should be a battle filled with plenty of emotions.

Keys to the game: Stopping TE Julius Thomas

Player(s) to watch: WR Percy Harvin

Prediction: Hawks 24 – Broncos 17


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