8/31 Mariners vs Nationals

The Mariners have lost four out of their last five games and tonight they face the toughest team in the NL once more. Felix’s uncharacteristic performance on Friday night followed by Strasburg’s performance last night, has made for a difficult series. The M’s only hope is that their recently dormant hitting will come through and give Iwakuma a much needed victory.

Last night’s game pointed out some areas of concern for the M’s when they left seven men on base, failing to capitalize on some key situations. What was even more concerning though, was that Ackley and Cano were the main culprits at the plate, leaving a combined four men on base. Looking ahead, the expected contributors have to contribute as expected. If the M’s are to succeed they need to know that they can rely on the heart of their lineup (Ackley and Cano). Sitting in the sixth spot in their lineup last night, the M’s 1B Logan Morrison went 0-4 and is still attempting to break out of his 0-15 slump in his last four games. LoMo (along with the other Mariners) needs to collect some RBIs tonight if the M’s are to defeat the Washington Nationals.

Obvious enough, in order for the M’s to make a post-season push, they need to have a stellar September. The M’s face the A’s (in two series), Angels (in two series), and Blue Jays next month. It is safe to say that the road to October is going to be tough, but the M’s definitely have the roster to do it. With a great starting pitching rotation and a bullpen that is second to none, the M’s just need to focus on hitting more consistently.


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