4/11 A’s vs Mariners

Felix’s performance last night helped the M’s to a much needed 6-4 victory over the division rival A’s. Accompanied by Felix’s success was the hot hitting of the M’s lineup, highlighted by Dustin Ackley’s 3 hits and home runs from Zunino and Miller. The only signs of trouble arose in the 8th inning when the A’s scored 4 runs in their efforts to steal back the lead. Rodney acquired his 3rd save of the season, striking out the last A’s batter in order to secure the top of the AL West and a solid 6-3 record on the year for the M’s.

So far this year, the M’s have proven that they can hit. Practically the entire lineup has been experiencing consistency at the plate, except for the struggling bats of Seager, Romero, and Saunders. While high hopes exist for Seager, the same cannot be said for the other two. The only looming questions besides right field performance concern pitching. Can the M’s starting rotation ever get healthy? Will the bullpen improve? Of course only time will tell, but all in all the Mariners look quite convincing so far and it would be nice to see more of the same throughout the rest of the season.


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  1. Chad Stilp

    Welcome back and thanks for the post. This is well written and enjoyable!

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