Seahawks vs Vikings

Coming off a high in which they successfully dominated in almost every category, the Hawks will face a very weak Vikings team at home. Despite their overall weakness, the Vikes have one of the greatest running backs ever in their backfield. If he does play despite his current groin injury, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will present a significant challenge for the Hawks. The key to their success in this week’s game will be limiting Peterson’s success.

Although the Vikings are equipped with a prominent rushing attack, the Vikings are not a balanced football team, ranking fourth worst in opponent passing yards and 25th in passing yards gained. The areas in which the Vikings struggle are areas in which the Hawks must find success in order to win. Hopefully, the Hawks can capitalize with a successful passing performance and an ability to create turnovers with the legion of boom.

Eager to watch Peterson take the field against the Hawks, I am worried that he may give the Vikings a chance just as Bucs RB Mike James gave the Bucs a chance in week 9 when he ran for 158 yards. In order to win the Hawks have to minimize Peterson’s impact on the game, and continue their balanced offensive attack they displayed last week against the Falcons. Keep in mind there is still the possibility that Peterson may not take the field Sunday, in that case I look for the Hawks to win with ease.


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