Week 6: Seattle Seahawks vs. Tennessee Titans

After a tough two game road trip, the Hawks are coming home to play at Centurylink this weekend. The Seahawks will face the 3-2 Tennessee Titans as they attempt to recover from their first loss of the season. Finally playing in their own friendly confines, home field will give the Hawks the significant advantage they need in rebounding from last week.

Although last week was filled with plenty of great play from the Hawks, the Hawks have to limit big mistakes going forward. The Titans are a decent opponent, but they will be playing without their starting quarter back on Sunday. Former Husky Jake Locker will not be making the start in Seattle against the Hawks. Locker recently injured his hip and will likely be out for a couple more weeks. The Titans O-line is struggling and regardless of their QB vacancy they are going to have problems against the Hawks.

The Hawks defensive line is going to apply a good amount of pressure on Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Along with the D-line, I look for the entire Seahawks defense to play a solid game with minimal mistakes. Their uncharacteristic performance last week was a fluke and they will find a way to get back on track this week.

Converting offensive drives into touchdowns has become a continuous problem for the Hawks. The Hawks have to reach the end zone this week against the Titans. Their ability to find the end zone lies in the hands of RB Marshawn Lynch. Running the ball with Lynch has proven to be their offensive back bone.  Look for the Hawks to continue their rushing success and go over 200 rushing yards in back to back games.

Unable to return home undefeated, the Hawks will prove their dominance at home against the Titans. Faced with offensive problems, the Titans will have problems putting up points against the Hawks. The Hawks lockdown defense and rushing abilities will lead them to a desirable 5-1 record on the year.


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