Week 5: Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts

This week, the Hawks look to improve their first half play against the Colts and remain unbeaten. Despite their past two wins and a good running game, the Colts will most likely face problems scoring against the Seahawks. The Seahawks defense is strong and although they have struggled on the road, they still remain victorious. Although the Colts are a solid opponent, I expect the Hawks to play better than last week and continue their winning ways.

Equipped with an above average running game and a good defense, the Colts are a good team, but they are outmatched in this week’s game. The Hawks haven’t been dominant on the road this year, but I don’t see that as a concern. At some point, the Seahawks are going to figure out how to start well in games away from home, I think the Hawks will do so this Sunday in Indianapolis. The Colts main strength is their ability to run the football. If the Hawks can stop Colts RB Trent Richardson, play well start to finish, and stop the pass rush, I expect them to beat the Colts with limited problems.

Still dealing with the repercussions of three injured O-lineman, the Hawks will have to contain the pass rush if they are to win this week in Indy. Last Sunday, the Hawks allowed five sacks and Russell Wilson was forced out of the pocket several times. Thankfully, Wilson’s outside the pocket throwing abilities are excellent. However, if the Hawks’ O-line can’t give Wilson a clean pocket this week, the Hawks will struggle. Besides giving Russell more time in the pocket, the O-line has to continue to open up running lanes. If the Hawks can play balanced, look for them to get a much faster start than last week.

The Hawks are one of only five unbeaten teams in the NFL, if they can win in Indy they will move to 5-0. In order to win, the Seahawks have to get a fast start, stop Richardson, and contain the pass rush. The Colts are good, but the Seahawks are more than capable of beating them. This week is the week in which the Seahawks rebound from their terrible first half and prove that they can compete for all four quarters on the road.


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